YearPositionInstitution Name
2016Director GeneralTanzania Fisheries Research Institute
2014Head, Dept. of Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries TechUniversity of Dar es Salaam
2006Senior LecturerUniversity of Dar es Salaam
2003Head, Department of Aquatic Sciences and FisheriesUniversity of Dar es Salaam
2002LecturerUniversity of Dar es Salaam
1992Assistant LecturerUniversity of Dar es Salaam
1992Assistant LecturerUniversity of Dar es Salaam
1992Assistant LecturerUniversity of Dar es Salaam
1990Fisheries Officer & Training OfficerKunduchi Fisheries Institute (DSM)
1983Asst. Fisheries OfficerMinistry of Natural Resources & Tourism
1981Asst. Fisheries Officer IIMinistry of Natural Resources & Tourism
2002AWARDLake Victoria Environment Management Project (LVEMP) Scholarship (PhD Training, Univ. of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada).
2000AWARDAfrican Dissertation Internship Award RF 97034 # 796, The Rockerfeller Foundation, New York (Support to Ph.D. Field Research in Lake Victoria, Tanzania).
1990AWARDCommonwealth Scholarship (M.Sc. Training, Univ. of Stirling, Scotland-UK).
1983AWARDBest student in Fisheries Diploma course 1981-1983.
1981AWARDDirector of Fisheries Award - Best student in Fisheries Certificate course 1979-1981
2002Ph.D. (Limnology)University of WaterlooCanadaPhD
1990M.Sc. (Aquaculture & Fish. Mgnt.)University of StirlingScotlandMasters Degree
1988B.Sc. (ed) (Upper Second class)University of Dar es Salaam,TanzaniaBachelor Degree
1983Diploma (1st, Fisheries Science)Kunduchi Fisheries Institute., DAR ES SALAAM, TanzaniaDiploma
1981Certificate (1st, Fisheries Science)Nyegezi Fisheries Institute,MwanzaTanzaniaCertificate

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12017Kapinga, I.[ONGOING SUPERVISION] Potential of wild sunflower ‘Aspilia africana’ in controlling prolific breeding in farmed Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus Linnaeus). Ph.D. Research. Status: Data collection phase.
22017Shechonge, A.H.[ONGOING SUPERVISION] Biogeography, diversity and conservation of tilapia genetic resources in Tanzania. Ph.D. Research. Status: Defended Research proposal and ready to start data collection.
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