Eng. Innocent Sailale has more than 12 years of experience in software development and network administration, especially for the fisheries, telecom, and finance industries. He has enhanced the working ability of the existing business systems by developing efficient software programs, troubleshooting network-related problems in cloud settings, and producing excellent proficiency in preparing software documentation like "User system requirements ", "System architectural design “, "End User and technical Manuals," for the developed software programs. Moreover, he has gained experience with Agile software development methodology in public and private sectors, by developing Androids, iOS applications, and web-driven systems.

Improving Marine Fisheries Management Through Innovative Technology and Advanced Data Systems in Tan

The collection of accurate and reliable data is crucial for effective fisheries management. However, limited data in Tanzania has hindered the development of appropriate management measures, leading to the use of a precautionary approach. This study introduces the use of an electronic catch

YearPositionInstitution Name
2021-00-00Senior Information Communication OfficerTAFIRI
2010-00-00AWARDRegistered Professional Engineer
2013InformaticsUniversity of Dar es SalaamTanzaniaMasters Degree

Position:Senior Computer System Analyst
Email: innocentsailale@tafiri.go.tz