TAFIRI Dar es Salaam Centre

TAFIRI Dar es Salaam Centre was established in 1989 but operated under the umbrella of TAFIRI Headquarters until 2000 when it started operating independently. Although the Centre has a long research mandate, but its principal responsibility is to carry out research in the marine part of the Fisheries Sector. In principle, therefore, Dar es Salaam Centre is a Marine Research Centre.

The main objectives of the Centre are to carry out Marine Fisheries and Aquaculture Research on aquatic ecosystem and biodiversity, capture fisheries, fish and fishery products, quality standards and marketing, climate change and environment and socio-economic. The scientific information gathered from the research provides answers to a number of pertinent challenges in fisheries, the information which is used by the Institute to advise the Government on management, conservation and utilization of marine fisheries resources and aquaculture

The Centre is equipped with modern research equipment such as Stereo Microscopes, Atomic absorption Spectrophotometer, CTDs, Complete PCR Machine, Filtration Unit, Ice Maker, Acoustic devices, Autoclave, Horizontal Electrophoresis, Centrifuge, Water Bath, Bio-Hazard Lamina Flow, Micropipettes, Complete Florescence Machine with accessories, NanoDrop UV Spectrophotometer, DNeasy DNA Extraction Kit, Filtration Unit, Light weight Rossete with niskin bottles, Nutrients Auto Analyzer and its accessories.

On behalf of the Dar es Salaam Centre management, I would like to welcome you to TAFIRI Dar es Salaam Centre to work and collaborate with, and learn from us. We are a team of 35 staff with a strong research capacity which has 27 members boasting myriad expertise. We are here to serve, so let’s serve together!.

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