To provide professional expertise on administrative human resource management, financila and accounting serives to the Institute

The Directorate will perform the following functiond:-

  • To undertake human resource palling, performance management, payroll management, career development and succession plan
  • To implement Board decisons as regards to appointments, promotions and discipline
  • To formulate, manage and interpret administrative and human resources policies, rules, regulations, procedures and guidelines
  • To promote awareness of best practices in administrative and human resources management procedures
  • To formulate financial policies, regulations procedures, manuals and guidelines and ensure existence of sound accounting systems
  • To advise the management on matters related to human resources, administration, finance and accounting
  • To prepare financial statements in accordance with acceptable accounting standards, such as International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSASs)
  • To put in place an effective and efficient cost control and assets management
  • To coordinate the preparation of the Institute's Medium Team Expenditure Framework (MTEF) and evaluation plan
  • To administer the Institute's budget in coorperation with Directories, Centres and Units
  • To liaise with relevant Authorities and other key stakeholders for effective revenue and budget management; and
  • To prepare and report on the Institute'sfinancial performance
This Directorate will be led by a Director and will have three (3) Sections as follows:-
  • Human Resource Mnagement and Administration Section
  • Finance and Accounts Section,; and
  • Planning, Monitoring and Evalution Section