Capture Fisheries



TAFIRI Sota is a solely sub-station of TAFIRI and it is affiliated to TAFIRI Mwanza centre. The station is bordering Kenya in the North, Shirati town in the East, Shirati Bay in the South, and Lake Victoria in the West. It was established in 1988, initially as a centre for Nile perch research project through funding from the International Development Research Center (IDRC) of Canada.

After the ending of IDRC project, the buildings belonging to Sota station was handled over to the Director General of TAFIRI, Prof. Phillipo Bwathondi on behalf of TAFIRI administration. TAFIRI Sota is the centre of excellency for fish farming researches and production, supply of quality fish seed, provision of technical supports on construction of aquaculture structures, fish processing, fish feed formulation and consultation.

We therefore, inviting you all to our station to join hands. We believe your visiting may help the exchange of new ideas to fast truck development of the station, institute and the nation at large. God bless you all and Cheers!.

The Research Sub-station will perform the following activities:-

  • To co-ordinate and promote research activities within the Sub-station in collaboration with the Research Development and Coordination Directorate
  • To undertake research activities on projects approved by the Institute
  • To evaluate and recommend to the Institute applications for first issue or renewal of reserch clearance
  • To play a leading role in assessing reesarch needs and possible sources of funding
  • To develop and maintain research project and solicit funds for fisheries and aquaculture research
  • To prepare budget estimates for the Sub-station activities
  • Effieciently and effectively manage resources of the Sub-station
  • Keep an up to date inventory of fisheries research activities at the Sub-station
  • Establish a mechanism for planning, monitoring, contolling and coordinating fisheries research at the Sub-station
  • Carry out, and promote the carrying out of, enquiry experiments and reesearch on fisheries nd aquaculture
  • Coordinate and facilitate supervision of field practical students, internships and volunteers at the Sub-station
  • Encourage and provide for staff training and development
  • Provide administrative back-up to researchers and supporting staffs at the Sub-station and
  • Prepare period reports on research and administrative matters of the Sub-station

The Reserach Sub-station will be led by a Oficer in Charge