To provide expertise and services in managing all procurement activities

The Unit will perform the following activities:-

  • Prepare Annual procurement plan and its implementation strategy aligning to the Strategic plan and budget
  • Advise the Management on matters pertaining to the procurement of goods, works, non consultancy and consultancy services and disposal of public goods
  • Adhre to procurement process and procedures as per Public Procurement Act
  • Procure, maintain, and manage supplies, materials and services to support the logistical requirement
  • Ensure proper handling and storage, edequete and timely distribution of office supplies and materials
  • Ensure safe storage of inward and outward goods
  • Maintain and updates inventory of goods, supplies and disposal of public assets
  • Be a Sectretary to the Tender Board as per Public Procurement Act
  • Provide Secretarial services and functioning of the Tender Board
  • Prepare tender documents and contracts for various tender awarded
  • Prepare monthly reports for the Tender Board and
  • Maintain an archive of records of the procurement and disposal processes

The Unit will be led by a Head who will be equivalent to Principal Officer