The Unit will perform the following activities:-

  • Put in place a sound, strong and vibrant accounting system of the institute that is in conformity to laid down financial procedures
  • Prepare financial reports which comply with the requirements of the law and accounting standards
  • Effect payment and settlement in accordance with laid down procedures, regulations, by-laws, and government, board, management directives and circulars
  • Maintain proper books of accounts of the Institute
  • Prepare montyhly, quartely and annual financial reports required according to laid down procedures
  • Manage cash flows into and out of the Institute and ensure that there are enough funds available to meet the the day-to-day running of the Institute
  • Put in place a system which ensure that all statutory and non-statutory deductions are timely remitted to respective institutions; and
  • Provide advice on finance and accoi=unting matters

The Section will be led by a Manager