Mission, Vision, & Core Values


To become a strong centre of excellence in fisheries research and consultancy in the Eastern and Southern Africa.


To promote, conduct and manage fisheries research and consultancy for sustainable development of fisheries in Tanzania.

Core Values

The Institute has its core values that are the guiding principles which require all TAFIRI staff to commit themselves to follow in pursuit of the above-mentioned shared and agreed Vision and Mission. These are:.

Professionalism - Pursuit of excellence in fisheries research through rigorous scientific approaches to attain optimal results.

Integrity - Practice and advocacy of courtesy, moral values, work ethics, respect and honour in conducting fisheries research.

Transparency and Accountability - Pursuit of openness, honesty, culture of timeliness and answerable for quality services.

Equal opportunity - Promotion of equality for all.

Ethical considerations - Up-holding ethical standards in human and/or animal participation in fisheries research. Collaborative Efforts -Team work to avoid duplication efforts.