To provide legal services to the Institute

The Unit will perform the following activities:-

  • Provide legal support on various issues
  • Index, file, register Government/Institute notices and all other legal documents and ensure their safe custody
  • Compile evidence relevant for court cases involving the institute
  • Attending to registration of all legal documents and probate matters
  • Take charge of documents and correspondances of already assigned cases
  • Deal with all legal routine correspondances addressed to the institute
  • File and appear for criminal proceedings in courts
  • Represent Institute in more complex legal actions in colllaborationwith the solicitor General
  • Participate in negotiation for wrting up of all contract pertaining to such leases and transfer of properties with outside parties
  • Handle, negotiate and draft of all contracts and other legal instruments; and
  • Liase with Parent Ministry and the Office of Attorney General on legal matters related to TAFIRI

The Unit will be led by a Head who will be equivalent to Principal Officer